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My Little Sunshine Home Day Care will be like your child’s second home. Our staff will be like a second family.

We also utilize sign language to ease the frustration of infants and young children who can’t get their words out.

Our program activities aim to enhance different levels of development in children. We give them avenues for experiences that are necessary for early childhood growth in the areas of:

Communication and Early Language Skills
Conceptual and Cognitive Development
Encouraging Healthy Emotional Reactions
Learning Creative Expression
Physical Motor Skills Development
Big Circle Time
Show and Tell
Literacy Activities
Counting and Math Exercises
Science Experiment Activities
Crafts and Art Projects
Group Singing
Outdoor and Indoor Group Games
Reading and Phonics
Puppet Shows and Finger Play
Finger Painting Activities

We also implement “The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care”. It is designed to help children to develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills. It is the only approved curriculum by the Maryland State Department of Education.

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