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“Our child has been with Linda since he was 3 months old.  She has taken wonderful care of our son for over a year.  Linda is loving, kind and loves our son!  One thing I like the most about having Linda care for our son is her communication.  While at work, I do not have to wonder what he is doing at Linda’s house- she sends pictures and texts throughout the day to give me piece of mind.  
I can’t thank Linda enough for taking such great care of our son!”

Mother of William

“One of the best decision that I made was as a new parents regards to our daughter education was to register our little one to My Little Sunshine Home Daycare.” It was not easy, because we were very scared about all the negative comments that people made regards to daycare centers. We consider this particular one because it was recommendation from Montgomery County Speech therapist teacher that our daughter had at that moment. We visited the daycare and we fall in love because of several reasons. The group of kids was small and we knew that the teacher use the Montessori philosophy to teach the kids. The place is divided in several sections and the learning area is amazing one. The daycare is clean, organized and safe. The teacher is trilingual, takes continue education and has years of experience. The facility meets all the requirements that the county request from a daycare center. With all this great reasons the decision became an easy one. We have to share with you all the huge improvement that our daughter had.

From speaking a few words in four months of joining the daycare our daughter didn’t need the speech therapist any longer. She is capable now to make complete phase, sentences and we could say a conversation. My daughter has learned so much in ” My Little Sunshine Home Daycare” that we are very proud of her and we know that this could not be easy without the teacher help. Every week we get information on what they are working on it so we can reinforce the lesson at home. Ms Linda is very kind, friendly, loving, happy, attentive, very patient and the most important our daughter loves her.

We highly recommend My Little Sunshine Home Daycare we have such amazing and and great experience with it.”

Erica & Enrique

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